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Karnataka voted largely to congress

There is no need to digress

INC appeased the BPL families 

And guaranteed five freebies.

And the rest of us in the state?

How do we live with an empty plate?

We also face hike in prices

Of power, petrol and groceries.

What about overall development?

Power, water, road and employment?

If they objected to forty percent BJP

Will INC be corruption free?

Will children have education

Free from saffronisation?

Youngsters can now hope to get jobs

Anyway they get paid till such times.

Can Hindus expect what is due

Now that hindutva is not an issue?

Will minorities also be safe

So peace all around can be there?

Can we expect lower state taxes

To bring down gas and petrol prices?

Will roads be made pothole free?

Will air and rail travel be as easy?

We expect only truth and justice

INC has promised good governance

No corruption, no harassment

We welcome 'Acche din' at last! 

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