Indian film industry's image
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Indian films have progressed much

From poverty to romance, action and such

Being the largest producer of movies

Our films attract attention in many places.

Films are made in all major languages

They are not inferior to english films

Each language industry is named after hollywood

So hindi film industry in Bombay is called bollywood.

Films have a strong influence on public mind

What they depict, people tend to bind

Songs are an integral part of films

They have enlightened us for years.

Hindi films have a much wider reach

In India and abroad, they preach

What our actors on screen say and do

In turn become our motive too.

Next comes films in tamil and telugu

Bollywood depicts them impromptu

Kannada, malayalam are a non-entity

They are restricted to their states only.

India is open to various issues since ages

But films for public are censored but show kissing scenes

If it is screened on OTT, censors have no problems

For sex scenes and foul dialogues are no bar inside homes.

Most biopics have had dramatized stories

To attract public and more revenues

But the 'Kashmir Files' showed 30 year old real instances

Yet, world over, it has received mass appeal and box-office returns.

Can we expect a change in producers' attitude after this?

Do we see better films without a kiss?

Can OTT films and series also avoid profanity?

Can they help millennial maintain purity?

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