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Inc lost heavily in election

But they have not lost their pride

They are already back in action

They wish to show they can still guide.

They held a meeting after election

To find the reason for their defeat

They said winning or losing is a part of any action

They will rise again like Phoenix to beat.

Some wanted a change in leadership

Others said they have faith in present whip

A few said no one from 'dhi' family

But senior dhi wouldn't leave easily.

They now rule in only two states

And support in only three states

But Rji wants only absolute majority

In states that go for elections shortly.

Senior dhi says new person will head in September

And no one from family will become leader

But there are stalwarts who don't accept these promises

There is still undeterred charisma in that Nemesis.

Only time will tell if Inc will win in any place

There are still some who want only them, yes

For they hate whenever Modi wins

There is no one else to oppose him like Rji does.

It's said God helps those who help themselves

Then why has He not opened their eyes

To see the reality what the nation seeks

People are choosing new groups to meet their needs.

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