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This world is very lonely, scary and difficult

I am bored of its mountains, rivers and seas

I am not interested in its colours and sounds 

I am afraid of the hate that is all around 

I am tired of proving my sanity to world 

I am exhausted at seeking acceptance

I am giving up on seeking love 

I am not interested in saving the world 

I am tired mama, I am scared mama

Can I get back into you 

Like the way I came out

And rest in your womb 

Floating moving kicking 

Carefree of everything

In my small dark world 

With the music of our hearts 

Everytime you placed hand on tummy

I felt you mama

Everytime you sang a Lullaby 

I heard you mama

Everytime you wore Mogra 

I smelled it mama

Do you remember mama 

When I was in your womb 

And you could not keep anything in 

You vomited day and night 

And then those medicines were given 

To take us apart 

I have always troubled you 

Always made life difficult for you

Medicines given, but failed 

I clung to you mama

I held on to you with my life 

I didn't know anything else 

I didn't leave you mama

I was afraid then too

I held on to my world 

I held on to you mama 

Let's go back mama

To that time when 

I was conceived in love

On your wedding anniversary

Did you think at that time

That you will have a child 

Which will make your life a dilemma 

A guilt trip, shame on a rollercoaster

Euthanasia of your piece and peace

A child whose body and soul won't match 

A child made in a hurry - special edition

A child who will be eternally sad 

Sadness that would make it a rock 

A child that will reject the name given by you

And create her own identity

She will give birth to herself


I caused you a lot of pain as 

I suffered through mine

Let's cling mama

And become one 


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