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The luxe red yellow georgette Lehriya

popped up

from the jharokha

the flavor of golden sand and the diagonal stripes

oscillating like the waves of colour

embracing and escaping

the khilli dancing with joy

eager to tie the wet knots,

The pilasters waiting with bated breath

to meet the balustrade

and the impeding jali opening out

the space for voile butterflies

a conglomeration spreading wings,

A hunt for emancipation

enveloped in privacy

peeping from inside 

and overtly concealed veiled desires

seeing through the chiffon

clothed in a never ending hope

 or an angst

all looked strangers both inside and outside.


Lehriya: a traditional style of dye practiced in Rajasthan deriving its name from the Rajasthani word for wave as the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns.

Jharokha: a stone window projecting from the wall face of a building

Khilli : used for tying knots for lehriya

Jali: intricate ornamental openwork in wood, metal, stone etc.

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