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I Saw the Sunrise Before I fell Asleep

Dharini RanganathanDharini Ranganathan April 11, 2022
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I saw the sunrise before falling asleep,

A light that paused my reticent weep,

Lilt of the birds with a trail of the dew,

Rang in the azoic senses like aught new.

Pink of shy was the colour of the sky,

Dallied without even a stirring sigh,

A heart that felt nothing to the rise,

Eyes saw, but did not fathom it wise.

A throb of pain on my living relic,

Tenderly weighed down like a brick,

Unmoved to the dawn of time,

I lay, like missing a good rhyme.

The night wide awake just the same,

Changed all the world but my lame,

 Hundred thoughts and none in my mind,

Till I sleep, it was only my teeth I could grind.

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