A Silver Fairy's image
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As the sun gave its farewell hues to the sky,

A spider's magical thread swayed with a sly.

The silvery shimmer that it added to the sight,

Fluttered a pretty moment of seldom delight.

This momentous pleasure was stirring to me,

An empty speck of pique to regale a nice glee.

Its been hours and I still think of the strand,

Looks like I now have my head in the sand.

As for the silvery glimmer that caught my eye,

Maybe it has a story that with mine can vie.

Did it hear the tea of a flying fairies,

Or, does it know the sweetest cherries.

The frail little muse that had my rapt,

Danced knowing that I was trapped.

Gaping, I waited for its voice,

As it continued to rile me with its poise.

Asudden, a gust of wind called it on its way,

I had to bid adieu to the silver fairy that flew away.

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