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Flower Palash is full of Medicinal properties

Devendra Kumar NayanDevendra Kumar Nayan January 20, 2022
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These days, the flowers of Palash are being seen in the forests of Jharkhand.  These flowers have great importance in tribal culture.  At this time, anyone who sees these flowers or goes through these paths wants to stay here.  Because by looking at them, it seems as if nothing more beautiful than this can happen on the earth. These flowers start appearing once they start.  Adivasi girls decorate these flowers by planting them in their pairs.  This flower has special significance in cultural programs.  Tradition is that women do not put it in their place until the palash flower is clearly worshiped in the place.  Palash tree is of medium size, about 12 to 15 meters tall.  Its stem has straight, irregular branches and rough stems.  Its pallavas are gray or brown silky and hairy.

One small misfortune of this flower is that it does not have much aroma, but still it captivates the people with its appearance and its ayurvedic properties.

They start blooming in the spring.  It is said that the arrival of Rituraj Spring is not complete without Palash, that is, there is no spring decoration without it.  All parts of this tree are also more valuable than silver, due to its different chemical properties, this tree is particularly useful for Ayurveda.  Its gum, leaf, flower, root are all medicinal properties.  That is why its flower is also called the state flower of the Government of Jharkhand.  This flower has also become beautiful on Indian postage stamp due to its auspicious quality.

Palash leaf contains valuable nutritional elements.  Which are found in hot food.  Which is very beneficial for the body.

According to Ayurveda, besides celebrating Holi, the color of Tesu flowers, applying its flowers in the face gives glow.  These colors are used in coloring clothes.  Their flowers are also used in making herbal gulal.

Along with the work of insecticide, the fruits of tesu remove other diseases and aging of man.  Methods have been given to make medicines from its five organs – stem, root, fruits, flowers and seeds.  Gum is also produced from this tree which is called ‘Kamarkas’.  It can be made semen by eating it.  Grinding palash flower and mixing it with milk and giving it to pregnant mothers gives birth to a powerful child.

Its flower juice has anti diarrhea, anti cancer antioxidant properties.  Diseases like nail, pimples, diarrhea, bloody piles are also treated with the juice of leaves.  Oil is extracted from the grains of Palash.  Applying lemon juice in the powder of its seeds helps to relieve itching, eczema.  Palash root is also used as an antidote medicine to cure ulcers and liver disturbances and snake bites.

Bathing with water of Palash flower does not cause heatstroke and heat is not felt. Its roots are made of rope and the cracks of the boat are filled.

Palash trees are a good resource for locking, if a locking machine is installed in rural areas and people are informed about the production of lock, then it will be a good source of income.  The fun of Holi is incomplete without colors and the color was earlier obtained only from flowers and leaves, above all, the color of the flowers of Palash, if a good quality color is prepared which does not harm anyone’s skin  So it can give a boost to small scale industries.  The most important thing is that its flowers can be kept for many days after they are plucked.

Why the existence of Palash trees is ending

The existence of these trees remains only in the hilly areas of Jharkhand.  But due to the apathy of the forest department, the area of ​​these forests is decreasing.  Due to lack of protection, they have reached the verge of extinction.  Due to the indiscriminate cutting and selling of Palash trees and the other reason is its existence is on the verge of danger due to lack of rainfall.

 Palash trees are very beneficial from the commercial point of view as well as to conserve the environment, but due to lack of knowledge and ignorance, there are indiscriminate harvesting of Palash trees with medicinal properties.  Nature’s unique gift to humans on earth should be made known to the people about the medicinal properties of this tree.  Stocks of medicinal properties should be made aware to the people for the preservation of this tree.

(The author is civil engineer and young writer based in Deoghar. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at nayankumar32121@gmail.com)

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