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When The Devil Inside Me Speaks

Dev PatelDev Patel June 16, 2020
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I was in my town,

So happy and peaceful.

I thought the battle was over,

That I was the winner.

But than the voice came from inside of me,

And when the devil inside me speaks,

He is the master, he takes the lead,

No matter how aware you are,

You'll fall in the pit.

Cause when the devil speaks, you can do nothing but follow his lead.

He's smarter than you think, clever than you know,

He takes you when everyone's gone,

When you're alone.

He tickles you to make you laugh,

Pretends to be an angel, an oracle,

You can't defeat him, no need to try,

And when it's all over, you're the one who cry.

I call him the joker, as it seems,

He can make the hell beautiful,

Show me my nightmares as daydreams.

And when the devil inside me speaks,

He's the captain, the one who leads.

You never ask where the road goes,

Cause he makes the journey so beautiful,

The landscapes and the roadshows.

There's no way you can escape him,

A maze with no end,

The battle that you never win,

Cause when the devil inside you speaks,

You'll be the one who gives him the lead.

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