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You fool, Your faith lies in the freedom of the body, but when they play

For Your soul, You’re scattered within with a thousand years of lies and falsity

Are You truly not worthy to know Your own identity?

Immersed in the unconscious daze, You’ll wake up for a moment

Only to obediently slip into a bigger cage while bowing deeply

Faith in the wisdom of others is doom-laden as You’re their prey

You’re no hunter, dear, because You’re lashed with restrictions

You gave all Your family’s possessions away celebrating the ashes of comfort now

With Your heart deaf and reason turned off You lead Your life,

Go into the abyss then, but first care for those who see and feel

What truth do You hold today, dear?

How much of You is there in You, and how much of others…

Perhaps You’re just an imitation of Yourself albeit so mean

Your own values bargained away to some carnie…

Yes, You will gain speed in a wider cage, fool…

You think it’s worth it?

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