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Significance of Sharad Poornima

Sharad Poornima is known for dance and celebration. It is the time when devotees feel the presence of the Divine in their life.

This fortnight is the period of the Divine and we do puja every day. Today is the concluding day and also Sharad Poornima/Kojagiri Poornima. Each poornima (full moon) is associated with a very significant event in history. 

Buddha Poornima, the full moon day in the month of Vaishakh (usually falls in April or May) is connected to the birth, enlightenment and attainment of Mahasamadhi by Gautama Buddha.

The next Poornima is dedicated to Rishi Vyasa. Sage Vyasa was the master of both the realms – material as well as spiritual. He knew the ways of the world, and that of the spirit as well. 

Veda Vyasa organised the entire knowledge, and there was no knowledge about which he didn’t know. Guru Poornima is the day on which all the Masters of all the traditions are venerated. The last full moon is dedicated to Anant or infinity. Celebrating infinity – no boundaries – no beginning or end.

This month’s full moon is called Sharad Poornima. The brightest and without any blemish, it is supposed to stay longer too, the full moon of Celebration. 

It is said that Divine dance happened on the day between Lord Krishna and the Gopis – symbolic of grateful devotees. 

It is said that Lord Krishna danced with all the Gopis under this moon so many thousands of years ago. Sharad Poornima is known for dance and celebration. 

It is the time when devotees feel the presence of the Divine in their life. 

This moon is also dedicated to beauty. The sky is clear and the largest moon shines brightly. 

Our mind and the moon are connected. When the moon is full, the mind is also full. The energy on the day is very high and the celebration will keep it up. But this energy needs to be channelized.

With every full moon, we find an excuse to celebrate – Celebration with the spiritual flavour. The period of the last fifteen days was a Divine period. We do all poojas and yagyas. 

What is pooja? Reciprocating what Divinity is doing to us. God makes Sun and Moon go around us, showers flowers, rain and fruits. Imitation of that Divine expression is called pooja. 

Pooja is the most natural way of showing one’s gratitude. We conclude this beautiful period doing pooja with a playful heart and keeping this intention, Let the light in my life, the enthusiasm and wisdom around me always be there. I take the light of life into me. I accept wisdom and love.

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