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where are the bottles

and the girls that come with them?

am I not in a video yet?

objects on tv

become objects.

it’s a silly game

we don’t know we play.

I love it when inventors

grasp the magnitude of their creations.

where was I?

trying to write many layered whatever,

capture the such and such,

moment the context and so on.

human experience

in the gathering dust of earth.

um, it’s called, socialite.

martini glass.


the term 6 figures

is ridiculous always.

I should be awarded

for my sleepiness.

I need more friends. why

the fuck

am I getting into this wallow thing?

what I need to do

is remember why I’m alone.

to gather strength

before the armageddon?

no. for a much more

compelling reason.

explained in the next book

you must buy!

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