Beyond's image

Beyond from the world near the moon,

there is a love waiting for me,

Passionate love, feeling for sitting together,

Now I Felt you are with me holding me tightly

I am feeling like in heaven,

Not for that moment

only you and me forever and ever

I want to be with you forever,

Near the moon, beyond from the world

Selfish people are around here,

only you gave me love, peace and trust,

you are with me always,

I know you are curiously waiting for me,

I wished that I could find a loving heart,

caring heart and now I am proud to say that really

I found that one the ultimate one and

I know you are there waiting for me

every moment of my life become very lovely sweet

and beautiful with you

I am always secure in your arms always love you

my love, word can not describe you, because you are you....

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