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She Can't be a mother!

My devils please rule here.

Please rule the devils.

She doesn't know what is motherhood.

What is to be a mother.

Only she knows that,

The lady she is imitating,

The lady she is loving to,

The lady she is sleeping in,

The lady she is laughing with,

The lady she is fed by,

The lady she kisses to,

The lady she cries near,

The lady she shares everything with,

The lady she becomes mischievous near,

The lady she embraces in fear,

The lady she hides behind,

The lady she started walking holding,

The lady she buys chocolates by,

Is the definition of mother.

She is only of three!

She Can't wear a saree.

She is mature enough neither physically

nor mentally to take care of a baby

She Can't be a mother....

You brutally killed her in lust of

enjoying a little baby,

In lust of excitement,

In lust of satisfaction,

In order to cool up the anger.

How could you expect another baby from a baby!

She screamed,she became breathless.

She requested to let her go to her mother.

Her eyes went red,

Her throat went dry,

She tried to breath high but she can't.

Her limbs went stiff,

She bleed profoundly,

She was trying her best to forget everything,

She was trying to regain her conscious,

But in fear you killed an extreme example of innocence!

You plucked a little bud before blooming,

You scattered all the materials before building.


Let her she Can't be a mother

But remember that you are not a human anymore.

You lost humanity in lust.

She Can't enjoy it at all she is only

surrendered to you by her helplessness...

Let her she Can't be a mother.

©Ardhendu Sekhar Ghadai (Halfmoon)

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