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So what!

Its raining heavily in September

So what!

What law says it can rain only in monsoons

Even if was,so what!

Is nature the slave of Human made science?

And are humans behaving 

According to their Nature:

A father in London throws his infant from a balcony

And the Judge calls him a 'loving father' who just got into a fit of anger

A short sighted grandmother in India wants to know if her grand-'daughter' is 'Gori' (Fair)

A matrimonial ad insults Humanity when it reads 'Caste no bar' 

As if this was a favour

Is this Natural?

Workers are left to the whims of owners

Because Trade Unions are banned

Dead patients remain 'alive' in ICUs 

Till the bills are paid

Is this Human Nature?

Then why should humans expect 

Trees to grow up vertically 

Against the law of Gravity

And not sideways or underground

Why should flowers bloom 

Only in Spring

What if 

The butterflies 

Want to hover over flowers in the winters

What if 

The rivers want to follow

Their own path

Why should they be 

Constrained by man made dams

Who decreed 

That humans keep a count of tigers

And not the other way

Why can't men be put in circuses

And animals pay to see them perform?

Why not!

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