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A night in the suburban street

Amish ShahAmish Shah October 7, 2021
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No smoke or dust descended on my face

From cars which were stuck in their parking space.

I walked down the abandoned avenue

Befriending the quiet night I never knew.

The bats unhooked from the canopy waved,

Rasped, fought and fluttered fully ill-behaved.

Street lamp embraced hard by the bumble bees

With more charge than on dayflowers they squeeze.

The crickets grumbled in the meadows green

As the night frogs encroached and saw their sheen.

I heard the marching paws of a stray dog

Perhaps she was prowling me in the smog.

 I freaked out and turned back to my abode,

No lights the windows of apartments showed.

Inside, the tired men slept with their mouths moaned

and not aware that their red noses groaned.

Still yet alive like in the dark outside,

They went on till the sky was yellow-dyed.

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