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My name is not special, nor does it roll of the tongue

My time is spent wasted, instead of being young

My life is not easy or strong, but knowing I am alone still stung

And my heart craves for it to be un-hung

My world is always frustrated, no matter who I am around

My voice is never tough, but independent is the special sound

My mind is wondering so far, it took it turn to the ground

And realized that hell is my only home, with fire I drowned

My relationships struggle no matter what I do

My mental-mess breaks tension between loneliness and what I've grew

My lips part with words that mean nothing to others, no matter how hard I threw

And wanting it to be over so no one doesn't recognize my face and ask who

My feelings get mixed with confusion that hold me under

My love for him make me feel butterflies as thunder

My life is just work, no matter how much I wonder

And I just want to live and be set free and be in love for her

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