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Encaged by the walls of imprisonment,

Walls built by my own desires.

Desires to be fulfilled,

Through situations curated by nature,

While nature orchestrates it's play,

The play of its 5 elements ,

We dance and dance and dance ,

Unaware that the walls are growing,

Growing through every step of the dance,

Where it begins and where it ends ,

This curious mind shall never know,

I look for a way out , but mostly in Wain,

Alas there is hope, for some have traversed their walls,

The yearning to climb the walls grow bigger,

But am I climbing the walls or,

Am I adding bricks to the walls,

That I donot know,

Oh compassionate divine beings,

Please show me the way,

For you have led me half way,

Do not leave me hanging,

For in your absence lies despair,

Your presence is all I have,

To bring me out of the darkness of my ignorance,

Through their presence I shall add no more,

And climb the walls of my own making.

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