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To dear artist , 

Be careful, 

Next time you are 

Telling your hobbies 

In front of society . 

Because if by mistake 

Your hobbies turned into 

Your dream , society 

Will call you a victim of art ! 

A victim who is not allowed 

To live for his own dream , 

A victim who loves art 

But got no rights to be an artist ! 

Even if as a victim you try to dream 

Don’t forget to not to be 

too much passionate and dedicated 

Because a lover of art 

And a believer of dream 

Is not allowed to do that ! 

Even if you think about dreaming 

Don’t forget to have a control 

On your thoughts because 

You are a victim and 

victim is not allowed 

to go beyond the bars ! 

Even if you are mature enough 

To introduce yourself as an artist 

Don’t forget a victims identity 

Is always hidden behind 

The piece of black cloth , 

And you are not allowed to 

Unfurl your individuality , 

Just because you have done a sin 

A sin of being an artist , 

A sin of being a dreamer , 

A sin of being a believer ! 

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