Lucknow : A love story's image
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After changing cities and the lovers of my heart , I end lending all my attention and love to the city . 

I wonder how enchanting and beautiful it’ll be to fall in love in this city , in the era of modern love . 

I wonder how relish it would be if 

I ever fell in love here in this city , 

I imagine how my lover will take me to the era of Nawabs and will address as if I was the queen while  crossing the Rumi darwaza .

I wonder how poetical it would be 

to roam around the old rustic monumental city , to explore the heart of our beloved the way Saqib explored the city and turned those exploration into beautiful shayris. 

I wonder what If We end up finding meaning to our love while decoding 

the meanings of all those carvings on those gigantic monuments of the city . 

I wonder how we will get lost in those routes of imamabara , taking us to nowhere , but we end up finding ourselves within those lost and found tracks . 

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