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Stardust Serenade: A Celestial Ode to the Stars

abhinandan.kaulabhinandan.kaul May 19, 2023
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In the vast expanse of the night's embrace, A tapestry of dreams adorns celestial space. Bathed in darkness, they shimmer and gleam, A cosmic symphony, a poet's cherished theme.

Oh, stars! Mysterious beings of cosmic grace, With ethereal glow, you light up the cosmic race. In your distant realms, secrets untold reside, Whispered tales of wonders, where mysteries abide.

Each night, you sprinkle stardust upon the Earth, Guiding lost souls in their quest for rebirth. From ancient times, you've been our celestial guide, Navigating journeys, as our dreams collide.

Twinkling diamonds scattered across the sky, A cosmic ballet that makes our spirits fly. From the darkest nights to the brightest days, Your presence fills us with awe and praise.

Glimmering beacons in the heavens above, You remind us of the boundless power of love. Each twinkle, a reminder of infinite possibilities, In your radiant presence, we find tranquility.

Oh, how you mesmerize, oh, how you inspire, Stirring the depths of our souls with celestial fire. With every wish we cast upon your distant light, You ignite the embers of hope in the darkest night.

Through storms and clouds, you persistently shine, A reminder that even in darkness, beauty aligns. You teach us resilience, to never lose sight, That even in the shadows, stars will ignite.

So, let us gaze upon your cosmic ballet, Let your brilliance guide us on life's way. In your luminous presence, we find solace and peace, A celestial reminder that our dreams shall never cease.

Oh, stars! Silent sentinels of the endless sky, Your timeless beauty makes our spirits soar high. In your celestial embrace, we find a sense of worth, For within your radiant glow, we see the universe's birth!

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