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Creativity inside one another trying to learn from each other,

From one’s newness to another’s newness.

Asking for one another time,

For more and more time of joy,

To respond in the fulfillment of fruit.


A fruit could be anything,

That is waiting, and continuously shining with its own presence.

To reflect for playful gifts,

Which shines as a presence,

For being creative from inside.


For more and more time of joy,

To handle the presence of knowing’s and actions.

For the enjoyment of understandings, learnings, blessings, emptiness, newness,

Which are deeply rooted,

In the shine of presence.


Openness within joy,

Shining to become a part of cheerful day.

Searching for the silence in timelessness,

Arising from the understandings,

Hidden in the nature.


As in one’s presence,

One learns to grow,

One learns to enjoy,

One seeks for someone,

One seeks for something,

Hidden in the rooted silence.


And, slowly-slowly from deep silence,

When one’s presence start to shine within joy.

Hidden roots start to feel free,

And disappear, without even making any sound,

Then that relaxation, becomes a magical music.


Which keep realizing the moment,

Nothing is never, as silent and beautiful as now.

Time keeps on going in many different-different directions,

Thoughts were still, sitting and listening the hidden gems,

Arising from that moment, in the current time.


Then the work of deeply rooted channel,

Realize the love for self.

Hidden as a game,

In the utter understandings of self,

Which forms slowly-slowly, from the flow of the hidden root's presence within peace.

Written by : ~Aaditya Narayan Shakya

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