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Nationalism, with many a schism 0

Nationalism, with many a schism

You can be crazy, weird and plain irrational But you simply cannot be anti-national The nation won’t tolerate this tolerance You’ll go from your tuppence to comeuppance If you raise an improper slogan Be...

My sweet fancies 2

My sweet fancies

My sweet fancies, Sired in my bed from the fragrant pines, Of heart and head. My sweet fancies, Wild and careless ye kiss dreams-inwoven Spaces of my wilderness. My sweet fancies, Travel athwart the...

Which is the face that I see 0

Which is the face that I see

Which is the face that I see- Half of you, the other half of me Mixing up in psychedelic memory, I await those drumbeats That bring me back to consciousness And this trance of...

Oh my lovely hope 0

Oh my lovely hope

Oh my lovely hope Begotten from my sorry breasts, laden with ashes Of my half burnt desires. thou blindfolded eternally, up-leaping in the woods; Never thou sit on boughs Of ugly truths. Oh my...

Your memories 0

Your memories

Your memories sad in the midmost of my mourning heart they are bred Your memories somber Like hopes fainted contaminates me with tears Turns the soul tainted Your memories cruel caress feelings chaste suddenly...

Unthought Unknown 4

Unthought Unknown

I heard another one took place As has been happening for days And it made me wonder Whether the next one will be me An unwanted touch, some forced contact Piercing pain and hurt...

Ban the Man 0

Ban the Man

It happened again. The same brain game. Where the words come out, but only in disdain. It’s as low as watching porn in public, the prime time news. Hundred thousand views, mocking don’ts and...

The conflict 0

The conflict

I am a world of desires Drowned in my own  emotions Facing the world With a controversial world within me The quagmire of life Is painful than the crosswords of existence..

Distant desire 0

Distant desire

There is a room Which is so bright Even in darkness With an aura of calmness A desire of every dwellers To live in thy house of comfort Opposite to a terrifying graveyard Rumors...

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