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Believe in yourself 0

Believe in yourself

“Never possessed yourself by others, it makes you weak internally, it dominates or actuates you in the manner of such a spirit.”

Winter’s morning NEW DELHI 1

Winter’s morning NEW DELHI

  This is the name of New Delhi which care Come live, earn and keep something to share All destinations look like new ladle Everyone had to solve foggy morning puzzle   City of...



The music floats on the wings of imaginations hopes, dreams wishes dance on happy notes a culmination in a marriage of two worlds Tread carefully, for the fire walk will be as tough as...



Solitary as the nooks and crannies of this home biding time who doesn’t care as much watch the moments float by on lonely wings stand in the corners, wasting away people come  go, yet...

Can I hear You?..✍ 0

Can I hear You?..✍

  If I would like to say then what I do? Can I hear You?..✍   You are waiting as I think. Are you getting what I think?   You are free and not...

Wander 0


Wander into the portals of time cross the  circles of life I stand at the thresholds of the dawns of suns and moons Infinite is a lesser word for I am in all all...


Even LOVE between UNevens

He is like a PRINCE nd i am merely a SILLY GIRL I just have a HEART & he’s got soul of a PEARL He has made his rules and strictly apply I break...

Marital Rape 0

Marital Rape

Traditions here are rich and old, Lying beneath the cultural folds, Screams are getting louder and shriller, Let’s see for how long she holds. Let the silence finally be audible, For it’s not hollow...

Mother Nature 0

Mother Nature

Magical spot in this big UNIVERSE Is the only our beautiful Earth… Life exists on this Sphere On land, in water & everywhere… Humans, plants & Animals lives together Forming an Ecosystem and depending...

She – Jibanananda Das 0

She – Jibanananda Das

Looks light is fading out—wonder is waning all the more. Is the sky blue as it was? The sky is no longer as blue, Neither is there much wonder left in women’s eye, Kingfishers...

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