Donate Your old/ Extra woollen – Your One cloth can save someone’s life

Wake up and not only live your life.

Now Weather is so chilly, we can finally say that winters have arrived.

For people like us, winter is the time for comfort and for good food. But once think about those lesser fortunate people, who have no shelter, no blanket, no shoes and no warm clothes. This winter think of those poor people who have hardly even full-sized thin clothing to cover their bodies in wide open.

Our motive behind this note is to bring our whole community together to help needy people. Donate blankets, old warm clothes, even your old shoes to needy people. Poor people can benefit from your old jackets, scarves, shawls, socks, even shoes.

This will save thousands of valuable lives and help them survive the harshness of nature as poor people suffer much in the winters.

We don’t need a reason to help needy people in their tough time, so please donate Warm Clothes To Poor and Needy People As They Suffer Much In Winters.

Your One cloth can save someone’s life. We’re doing our bit on 7th January in Delhi NCR, You can do yours by Joining our hand.

You can send your old/ Extra woolen :


Kavishala, Plot no. 35,

Sector 35, Sector 41

Gurgaon 122001

Phone: 0124 404 2922



OR Write us at (with your Address) Someone from our team will pick from your location.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.




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