PACH stands for Poetry And Cheap Humor.

That’s two things in one. Poetry is what we do, and Humor is how we do it. We’re a place for poetry to feel at home, where poetry is nurtured not judged, where you turn into the poet you really are. PACH is where poetry is set free.

The core ideal of PACH is to be a place where you’re not afraid to express. Poetry is only the medium, what you express is a part of you. A deep, raw and intense part of you. That expression is the treasure of PACH.

It’s like landing on the moon after living your life on earth. You feel six times lighter. You feel like it’s a whole new world. You just feel romantic for no reason. Oh, and you feel funny. In the stomach, if you get the drift.

Poetry is everywhere. It’s in forever-hidden diaries, it’s in forgotten margins of besotten letters, in scratched sentences on broken benches, in flowery pages, in long-lost ages, in the influence of booze, on the walls in public loos, in two split parts, in two split hearts, in listless eyes, in love, in sighs, poetry is everywhere. And PACH is where poetry finds expression.

There is poetry in you. Let’s PACH it out together.



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